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International Animation Day

We use many tools here at DBLX to make our elearning the best in class and stand out from the crowd. One way we do that is through the use of animation that not only looks stunning, but actually enhances the overall experience of all our elearning. So on this International Animation Day, we thought we’d take a few frames and celebrate animation and why it works so well here at DBLX.

What Is International Animation Day?

International Animation Day, is, well, a day to celebrate animation as medium! This day commemorates the first ever time that projected moving images were shown to the public way back on the 28th October 1892 in Paris, France. It also commemorates how animation has evolved and become an integral part of all media, whether it’s film, games or online.

In our case here at DBLX, we acknowledge the importance of animation and how we use its many great qualities in some of our elearning courses, really bringing them alive in ways we couldn’t have otherwise imagined.

When Did It Start?

International Animation Day turns 18 this year as it became an officially recognised day back in 2002 from the International Animated Film Association in France. It’s celebrated in over 50 countries all around the world and this year will only be getting bigger and better and celebrated more.

How Can We Celebrate It?

By embracing animation! Here at DBLX we don’t incorporate animation into every course, but when we do, we really like to show off and embrace the joys and benefits of animation. We support 3D-style animation all the way to 2D, 8-bit style animation.

We also have dedicated animation gurus in Ashley Barnish and Paul Taylor. These exceptionally talented people create some of the best animation going and really enhance our great courses even further with their work.

Why Animation?

Animation not only looks cool, but it actually helps with engagement levels in learning. In multiple studies, animation has been found to improve learner’s engagement and interest in the learning process, as well as their general understanding of the topic at hand. This is because it’s a non-conventional approach to showcasing learning material, so it breaks the norm of what learning usually offers, but also is just by its very nature more appealing to look at so in turn promotes engagement.

Animation is a fantastic tool that any elearning can benefit from, regardless of the subject. Here at DLBX, we can accommodate your elearning needs with animation as part of the course or any way you see fit, with a range of options to suit any budget. So get in touch today.

Together, let’s make something awesome.