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Our new starters we haven’t met yet

Starting a new job can be a daunting process, let alone getting stuck in during the midst of a global pandemic. An onboarding process can be quite a steep learning curve but being onboarded remotely presents quite a few more challenges than being onboarded in person. We recently welcomed three new team members who have all been through a remote interview and induction process with DBLX.

Jake Nixon was the first member to join MCG’s new product development team ahead of an exciting new product launch in 2021. As a Junior Front-End Developer, Jake takes designs created by our creative teams and turns them into elegant digital experiences.

Mike Glover joined our Content team based in our Manchester office as a Digital Content Writer, responsible for coming up with innovative ways to communicate and script engaging learning content for our clients, and a new suite of internal L&D modules for the DBLX team.  

Most recently, we welcomed Phil Beastall as Senior Video Producer to accelerate our content offering and creative strategy. 

How you felt about starting a new job during Covid-19?

Mike: Starting a new job was certainly interesting during the covid pandemic, knowing that I wouldn’t meet my team or any of my colleague’s face to face was certainly a new one for me. However, DBLX made it pretty smooth sailing from the off. My I.T equipment arrived to my home address and I was setup on Microsoft Teams immediately, which has been a gateway into life at DBLX and a great way to maintain human contact whilst remote working. 

Phil has been self-employed for 8 years, and chose to make the move to DBLX in the middle of a global pandemic. Here he shares his journey from being self-employment to going ‘permanent’.

Coronavirus had a big impact on me as a freelancer before I joined DBLX. My diary was wiped clean and it was an incredibly nerve-wracking time. So, when I reached out to DBLX, I was very impressed to hear that not only had they survived the impact the virus was having on many, they had in fact grown as a business. After this, the only feelings I had were excitement and confidence; confidence in joining a stable business with a huge amount of potential. 

I haven’t worked full time in a business for 8 years, so I wasn’t sure what to expect but at 9am I was welcomed by Nicky, Suzi and Rich who made me feel very welcome. Before I had even started my first day, my diary had been filled with a number of short calls with members of the team who were all very friendly and helpful. They showed me the ropes and then gave me the space to spend some time to dig deeper. There was also a lot of understanding of the fact that I can’t be expected to know everything within my first week so I’m still taking the time to learn and anyone I reach out to has been very supportive of that.

How did you find the induction process?

Jake: The remote onboarding process at Digital Balance has been great from the start, where Teams is used to stay connected across the business. My first week was planned with pre-arranged meetings, introducing me to the business and the people that I would be working with. Everyone made time to get to know me and get me off to a running start at the company. Following the first week, I had more time to starting working on my newly assigned projects, but kept in close contact with co-workers in regular stand ups and team meetings. Overall, I’ve had a fantastic time in my first month at the company.

Mike: My first week was the perfect way to ease in and gain an understanding of how the business works and where everything is, in a virtual sense. Straight away I was assigned a project with one of DBLX’s key clients which was a fantastic way to get started. 

How have you found your first few weeks?

Mike: My first few weeks have been great. The work has steadily increased and has allowed me to really get creative with some of the scripting I’ve done. Meeting everybody has been great and they’re all so lovely. You’ll be hard pressed to find nicer people. 

Phil: It’s been a great experience so far. I’ve already started piecing together concepts for upcoming videos and I’m really excited to get those produced. A number of people have regularly checked in with me to see how I’m getting on, which has been comforting. 

Our team’s top tips for starting a new job remotely…

Jake: My top tip for anyone starting a new job at the moment, or any remote job at all, is that communication is key. It’s important to make sure that you keep in close contact with not only the people you directly work with, but also the wider team. Arrange catch-ups, attend virtual social events when you can, and build professional relationships. This will make things a lot easier when you can finally go back to the office.

Mike: My top tip for starting would be don’t panic if you forget names. It took me about 3 weeks to get the hang of everybody’s name so give yourself a break! And ask questions. No question is stupid, and it can feel like information overload in your first few days. Ask away, your team will help. 

Oh, and if you’re joining DBLX get in the virtual CleverBar meeting on a Friday. It’s always good fun! 

Phil: The thing I always tell myself is that there are hundreds of other people out there who would jump at the chance to do the job I’m doing. Therefore, I always strive to work hard, maximise the potential of the opportunity and take pride in what I do.

We can help you with bespoke content and systems for remote onboarding. Drop the team a message here and we will be in touch shortly.