Employee Experience Hub Overview.

The employee experience hub is a dynamic and user led employee portal that allows users to control and adapt their own digital workplace. Through the hub, employees can quickly access company-wide updates, resources, eLearning, software and key systems – making the employee journey intuitive and more productive. With a bespoke employee experience hub, you can connect colleagues, projects, resources, learning and other key initiatives seamlessly, and without distraction.

  • 1.

    Simple Integration

    Integrate with other systems easily using SSO (Single sign on).

  • 2.

    Audience Driven

    Admins can manage content so users only see what's key to them.

  • 3.

    Connected Journeys

    Boost productivity with personalised workflows and powerful analytics

Working with companies outside of your organisation brings it’s own set of challenges; trust, ways of working & communications are at the top of the list. With DBLX, these have come effortlessly allowing for creativity and true disruption to take the forefront for the benefit of our end users.


Euan Hay

Digital & Innovation Specialist

About The Hub


Our bespoke employee experience hub gives users access to all the tools they need to work smarter – not harder. Whether your employees are working in an office, remotely or on the frontline, the hub is a smart way for them to find the information, files, content, resources, apps and software they use everyday, without the interruption of additional logins or time-consuming searching.

In its simplest form, the hub is a smart way to manage bookmarked spaces, with powerful internal communications and analytics features built in. While employees get on with doing what they do best, system administrators have the power to create and add audience managed tiles to distribute relevant information and resources to different teams at appropriate times. Behind the scenes, they can also use reporting tools to gain valuable insights into employee engagement and the quality of the employee experience.

What our clients love most about the hub is that it creates a better employee experience while boosting engagement. Not only is it a branded employee portal that makes work seamless and enjoyable, it also gives HR and L&D teams the tools they need to shape and improve the experience of employees from onboarding to CPD and beyond. The result? A more productive and engaged workforce, growth, an improved company culture, and less time wasted guessing what employees need to thrive.

  • For Users
  • For Admins
  • Customise your own digital workplace with personalised tiles that link out to the systems, websites, files, and content that matters most to you.

    Audience managed tiles ensure that only relevant information, projects and initiatives are displayed, reducing overwhelm and saving time.

    Access everything you need, including business applications and third party systems with one click thanks to Single Sign On (SSO), no matter where you are!

  • Promote and feature specific tiles/applications to different audiences.

    Push notifications to user devices through the native app to drive employee engagement.

    Communicate key messages, from company news to crisis communications, quickly and effectively.

    Run reports and get access to powerful data relating to the employee experience and journey.