Hub Overview.

The hub solution is a dynamic and user led central space, that allows you to control and adapt your environment. Allowing you a bespoke and personal space that you can visit each day to quickly access updates, resources, learning activities or any other key systems. A Hub solution connects people, projects, learning and any other key initiatives.

  • 1.

    Simple Integration

    Integrate with other systems easily using SSO (Single sign on).

  • 2.

    Audience Driven

    Admins can manage content so users only see what's key to them.

  • 3.

    Connected Journeys

    Better workflow improve productivity and reporting.

Working with companies outside of your organisation brings it’s own set of challenges; trust, ways of working & communications are at the top of the list. With DBLX, these have come effortlessly allowing for creativity and true disruption to take the forefront for the benefit of our end users.


Euan Hay

Digital & Innovation Specialist

The Hub


The bespoke Hub solution is an interconnecting platform where users have individual tiles to access various resources that system administrators can choose to make available. In its simplest form the hub is a smart way to manage bookmarked spaces. The Hub helps optimise the user journey when accessing these resources, allowing for a more user-friendly experience. The Hub provides front door access to users who will then be able to navigate through connected sites, without the interruption of additional logins.


Admins of the Hub have the ability to create/add tiles that can be audience managed to ensure users only see resources relevant to them. Once using the Hub though as part of a daily or frequent routine, it provides the ideal environment in which business can communicate with their employees. If there’s a new initiative or mandatory learning resource, simply add the tile and make it featured, this is then front and centre when a user logs in. The Hub also has the ability to exist as a native app and therefore notifications can be “Pushed” to the user’s device and appear in a similar way that a SMS message is displayed, driving user activity and engagement.

  • For the User
  • For the Admin
  • Allow users to customise their own tiles, and create their own links to systems and websites that matter to them.

    Only show your users tiles (links to applications) that are relevant, increasing the ease of the user journey and driving engagement to initiatives and projects that they are part of.

  • Promote and feature specific tiles/applications to different audiences.

    Communicate key messages, or business wide issues quickly and effectively. Control global access (utilising SSO) to other business applications and 3rd party systems. Run effective reports, highlighting user journeys.