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International Sweatpants day…

It could be fair to say that the demand for sweatpants has increased rapidly world-wide recently, as many of us have changed from working in the office to working at home. It happened quick, and some were more prepared than others! Some of us no doubt found ourselves in our PJ’s a lot later in the day than expected (definitely not all day), and it might have taken you a while to set up your work space. Maybe you’ve moved on now from PJ’s to sweatpants. Since it’s International Sweatpants Day, which is a day that screams comfort, we will take you through some of our top tips for working from home comfortably.  

Comfy and healthy 

Try and make your workspace comfortable, with a chair that you’re happy to sit on for at least 7 hours a day. You’ll benefit from a suitable desk height and screen size too. Don’t forget these details are important as they are there to protect your eyesight and back in particular, but also the overall physical health of your body. 

Make it your own 

If you can, make your work space your own! It’s good if you can have your own private work space, but it doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself in your own home (we’ve had enough of that). You’ll feel more comfortable if you have some homely objects nearby. Whether it’s a picture of a happy memory, your guitar or a favourite book, remember you’re allowed breaks throughout the day. So why not have them there as something to look forward to.  

Don’t forget to refuel 

Make sure to eat enough. I’m sure many of us are familiar with that headache just after 11am when you realised you’ve not fed or watered yourself yet! That’s not a comfortable feeling. 

Breathe in some better air 

If you can get out to get some fresh air on your lunch break, the benefits of being out in nature are sure enough to get you slipping your boots on and getting out there for a change of scenery. Nature decreases negative emotions and increases pleasant feelings, as well as being incredibly good for your body. You won’t regret getting out there.

Self care 

If you’re inside a lot more than usual, don’t forget to look after yourself. Incorporate selfcare into your daily schedule, right from waking up in time for a shower, to ending your working day when you close your laptop. By choosing moments of self-care throughout the day, such as reading a chapter of your favourite book when you need a break, to when you can take a stroll. It might not seem like much but these little moments mean a lot when they all add up!