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Official Statement on COVID-19 virus

DBLX (powered by MCG) Official Statement on COVID-19 virus

DBLX is committed to prioritising the health of its staff, visitors and customers in addition to maintaining its continued high level of customer service. In relation to the specific COVID-19 threat, DBLX has assessed that the current risk of the coronavirus for most employees is low and is working in line with UK Government advice. In order to reduce risk to our team, customers or visitors to our sites, DBLX has communicated all advice in a timely manner to all staff and customers. This includes:

Updated 09/03/2020 

  • Communication to teams on contact
  • Active promotion of hand hygiene and addition of extra hand sanitiser and soap across our sites
  • Updates to all staff on symptoms to be aware of, how to report any symptoms to your manager and to remain at home where needed
  • Assessment of any staff travel to impacted areas and self isolation in line with guidelines
  • Suspension of non critical business travel without sign off
  • Plans to extend our remote working policy from 2 days a week to ensure that all staff can work from home in the event that schools close or the UK Government insists that employees work from home

Updated 16/03/2020

  • Extension to our remote working policy that allows us to close all sites effective from COP 16/03/2020
  • Suspended all business travel for the foreseeable future, utilising the Office 365 video-conferencing facilities to meet obligations
  • Daily updates at an exec level to monitor the current status and updates from on next steps
  • Active communication to teams on well being and remote working polices to ensure our staff feel connected even when remote
  • Production of internal guides to support and effectively manage their teams remotely

Updated 29/06/2020

Our Stoke-on-Trent and Manchester offices have now re-opened Monday to Wednesday with the following measures;

  • New technology installed across our meeting rooms to enable home/office collaboration
  • Temporary alternate desk locations for staff returning to the office and hot desks for visiting staff
  • Reduced headcount in meeting rooms
  • Installation of new hand sanitiser units on all entrances and communal areas
  • Bespoke DBLX covid signage throughout offices and shared areas
  • Liaised with tenants, customers and visitors to ensure safety throughout the buildings
  • Increased cleaning schedule & deep clean of all office spaces
  • Completion of second employee pulse survey to identify challenges faced and how we can better support staff to work effectively from home
  • Ongoing review of health & hygiene measures in line with government guidance

Updated 23/09/2020

Our primary update is that all staff should work from home if they can. DBLX will continue with business as usual and support staff working from home and will ensure;

  • Each employee feels the work they’re being asked to do at home can be done safely
  • Employees have the right IT equipment to carry out their work
  • Managers keep in regular contact with their staff on a regular basis

Working from the Office

  • DBLX will continue to operate seating at alternative desks to adhere to the 2M rule
  • Hot desks will be available for any socially distanced ad-hoc visits
  • Ongoing review of health & hygiene measures in line with government guidance

Updated 04/11/2020

  • Following the re-opening of both our offices on 29th June, in line with government announces the MCG offices will now be closed for the duration of Lockdown 2.0
  • The health and wellbeing of our staff, visitors and customers is our number one priority
  • Our teams have thrived whilst working remotely and will continue to do so, we now support all staff to work from home ‘forever’
  • We remain committed to helping our managers better support their teams whilst working remotely including the production of internal content and resources
  • A clear and proactive focus on employee wellbeing including the introduction of newly trained wellbeing champions
  • Continued promotion of health, hygiene & social distancing measures in line with guidance

We will continue to update this blog regularly in line with all key business updates or in line with

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