About Us

We help to engage internal teams by creating the unexpected.

DBLX transforms companies by designing best-in-class experiences, driven by strong bespoke solutions and rooted in creative technology. We develop intuitive systems and engaging content for HR and L&D departments. Our aim is to improve learning and engagement inside their organisation. Putting end users first and giving them an intuitive experience that matches their expectations and allows them to grow using an end to end solution.

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Awards won.

You know how it is.

Sorry to brag that our work has won these awards but our new business person insisted that we put it on our website.

  • Leaders
  • Accounts
  • Creative
  • Developers
  • Central
  • Gareth Mobley

    Executive Chairman
  • Nicky Hoyland

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Chris Chapman

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Rich Urwin

    Chief Brand Officer
  • James Walker

    Finance Director
  • Carlton Hopley

    Company Secretary
  • Suzie Archer

    Head of People and Talent
  • Caroline Irish

    Executive Assistant
  • Ella Holland

    HR Co-Ordinator
  • Hannah Smith

    Group Marketing Manager
  • Rob Stinton

    Senior IT Specialist
  • Rob Wilson

    Management Accountant
  • Dan Lowe

    Lead Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Dan Neely

    Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Chris Hynda

    Head of Development
  • Ash Shenton

    Senior Back End Developer
  • Ross Steele

    Senior Back End Developer
  • Mark Jones

    Senior Back End Developer
  • Joe Ciavucco

    Front End Lead
  • Dan Christofi

    Front End Developer
  • Hannah Taylor

    Front End Developer
  • Tom Wojtulewicz

  • Lee Carbutt

    Junior Back End Developer
  • Alex Hankey

    Apprentice Developer
  • Declan Melbourne

    Apprentice Developer
  • Nathaniel Adams

    Apprentice Developer
  • Callum Newman-Scott

    Apprentice Developer
  • Luke Brookes

    Head of Design
  • Nick Fussey

    Head of Content
  • Abbie Burr

    Digital Learning Designer
  • Luke Allen

    Digital Learning Developer
  • Michael Glover

    Learning Content Writer
  • Paul Taylor

    Senior Designer
  • Ash Barnish

    2D/3D Animator
  • Lucy Clews

    Digital Designer
  • Hannah Molloy

    Head of Accounts
  • Emily Borg D'Anastasi

    Account Exec
  • Kianat Basheer

    Account Exec
  • Daisy Franklin

    Account Exec
  • Kay Mobley

    Facility Assistant
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  • The Culture of Innovation

    The Culture of Innovation

    Our culture belongs to all of us and is the most important thing we create.

    Build it, Embrace it… We are Groot!!!

  • Be Honest.

    Be Honest.

    Encourage a clear, open and honest workplace.

    Don’t be afraid to say what you think. You’re free to contribute, as strong teams are built on different perspectives and we believe in a clear, open, honest and fun workplace. We love to keep the studio free from rumours, Chinese whispers, negativity and dishonesty.

  • Ideas over egos.

    Ideas over egos.

    Respecting the views of others.

    Listen to others and save your energy for what matters. At DBLX we always keep an open mind and liberal view to the feelings and opinions of others, healthy debate is cool, challenge is needed, that’s just how we roll and we never understand why you’d be any other way.

  • Together we’re Limitless.

    Together we’re Limitless.

    Work together to achieve goals.
    We believe that success and excellence is born from the basics. Plan your workload, set your goals, prioritise and work together to achieve greatness. On your own you’re great… Together we’re limitless.

  • Push beyond the limits.

    Push beyond the limits.

    Embrace flexibility & innovation.
    We love flexibility and the “can do” spirit to do whats needed. We rock an always ready attitude and always smile in the face of danger, whilst helping other awesome team members, departments and experiences.

  • Where legends are forged.

    Where legends are forged.

    Go the extra mile.
    Going beyond expectations is the key to creating greatness. Honour, loyalty and an ability to follow through on your word, that is the code we live by and the legacy we leave.

  • Make impossible a reality.

    Make impossible a reality.

    Think Big.
    We look at things not as they are, but as they can be. Ambition adds value to everything. A big thinker always visualises what can be done in the future. They aren’t limited by being stuck in the present.

  • Take care of them...

    Take care of them...

    It starts and ends with the client.
    By interacting with the client, you influence them and they influence you. By the interaction you have throughout the day, no matter if it’s by phone, email or in a meeting, it has the potential to make you, the client and the project better. Without them, we have no brief, no project, they’re the boss, it’s your job to look after them.