Authoring Tool Overview.

Our bespoke web-based authoring tool gives you the power to create and roll-out digital content with ease. For L&D teams, the tool can be used to create and share customised eLearning experiences quickly in a variety of formats. The authoring tool can also be used to create beautiful and engaging internal communications such as policy documents, employee handbooks and online articles. All of which can be made available globally and tracked instantly.

  • 1.

    Easy Content Creation

    Create, manage and modify your content in minutes, No need for expensive licenses or hours of training.

  • 2.

    Visual Customisation

    Quickly add images, video, animated gifs, URLs, audio files and PDFs to enhance your content.

  • 3.

    Responsive Content

    Content automatically responds to difference device displays to ensure the message is always delivered effectively.

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Adam Hodgkinson

HRA Pharma

Web-Based Authoring Tool

With our web-based authoring tool, anyone can create engaging eLearning courses and branded content.

From L&D teams to HR departments, our cloud-based platform can be accessed from anywhere and used to create dynamic digital content for recruitment, induction, internal communications, learning experiences and so much more. What’s more, this content can then be shared via an external URL or launched within your own SCORM compliant LXP or LMS.

In the tool, admins can upload a variety of file types (including images, videos, gifs, URLs, audio files, and PDFs) to create stimulating, engaging content in-house. The best bit? Creators don’t need any technical experience to craft fantastic content thanks to the intuitive, easy to navigate interface and features.

When the time comes to update your digital content, you can do this in just a few clicks to make sure your eLearning, policy documents, internal comms and articles always feature the most relevant information.

  • For Users
  • For Admins
  • Create beautiful, engaging, responsive documents and eLearning content with ease.

    No need for technical experience or training – just click and go!

    Intuitive, user-friendly interface.

    Put your brand front and centre in all of your content.

  • Create, manage and modify your content in minutes.

    No expensive licences needed!

    Share internally or externally via URL.

    Launch within your own LXP or LMS.