Mentoring Overview.

Independent research has proven that facilitating mentor/mentee relationships in the business transfers critical knowledge between employees; consequently this instills a culture of personal and professional growth. This, as a result, improves motivation, performance and job fulfilment. All of which adds value to your business and job satisfaction for your employees.

  • 1.

    Skills Matching

    Powerful skills matching algorithm allowing users to find the perfect match.

  • 2.

    Resource Planning

    Opt in/out features for Mentors, allowing effective resource planning.

  • 3.

    Dynamic Feedback

    Admin reporting and feedback allows for high quality relationships.

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Intuitive Mentoring


Within a DBLX Mentoring system, users are able to identify areas for personal development and connect with other users who are able to support their learning journey. This system is tailored based on the requirements of the end user, which means that the relationships formed are mutually beneficial. Building the system this way ensures users are able to manage relationships independently and in line with their development requirements.


All users will initially complete a questionnaire to identify their learning and development requirements, based on skills they already have or would like to work on. Once this has been filled out, the system will suggest the best matches in line with the user preferences. The user can then compare profiles of up to three mentors and send a relationship request to the mentor of their choice. Admins are able to create relationships on behalf of users in the admin dashboard, as well as having the ability to pull reports detailing information such as: relationship requests, relationship history and skill gaps.


Once the mentor/mentee have met the agreed targets/goals over the course of their relationship. Users are able to feedback on the experience and contribute to the recommendation profile of their mentor/mentee. With consistent use, the profile algorithm will continue to become more accurate when recommending who to connect to at the perusal stage. There is no limit to the number of relationship cycles a user can engage in.

  • For Mentees
  • For Mentors
  • For Admins
  • Give your learners (Mentees) to power to adapt their criteria to find the best match.

    Allow multiple requests covering different skillsets.

  • Let Mentors control their availability with the opt in/out feature.

    Allow them to set their max relationships number, and give them the power to accept their own mentees.

  • Capture detailed relationship reports and feedback.

    Verify mentors to ensure high quality learning. Adjust global settings like max relationships. Relax as the matching algorithm creates the perfect matches.