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Work/life balance with CEO Nicky Hoyland

How balanced are you?  

It’s hard. We hear about work/life balance, but for some people, hearing about it is all that ever happens!  

You know it’s important, you know it sounds great – healthy in fact! So you take a second to imagine a moment of serenity. It might be binge-watching a boxset on netflix, cooking, a nice walk with friends or a slice of cake…yum! 

But then you hear an email ping, and remember you’ve still got 852 things to do before the sun sets so you forget about yourself, and spend your time doing things for work or for others.  

Sound familiar?  

That’s why work/life balance is a real balancing act! 

We spoke to CEO of My Clever Group, DBLX and Huler (a very busy person!), Nicky Hoyland, who took the time to share her top tips for when she’s feeling a little weighed down.  

How difficult for you is it to achieve a healthy work/life balance? 

It’s fair to say that actually achieving a healthy work/life balance has been a real challenge for me at times. It’s a hard one to navigate because work is something I love, something I’m passionate about and a real driver in my life. I’ve got a busy mind and I find it hard to switch off, but that makes it even more important for me to make sure I’m not just working, but living too!  

You mentioned you find it hard to switch off, so how do you pull yourself away from work? 

Yeah, I think work is always in the back of my mind and in part because of how much I value it but I’ve found some really good ways of switching off. One of my favourite things is climbing. I love it because it requires focus (so I can’t be thinking about work). It also gives me a sense of calm whilst keeping me really fit and healthy. Alternatively, I love a good run to clear away the cobwebs and bring some fresh perspective. 

How important do you think it is to achieve the right work/life balance?  

I can’t actually stress enough how important it is! If you don’t learn to create a happy space outside of your work, then it will lead to a burn out. Be kind to yourself, and plan some time in every day for you. Make a mental note to put the devices down, have real conversations, eat good food and do things you love! For me, that includes going on good, long walks with my partner and our dog. Fresh air solves most things! 

What do you feel are the main benefits of a good work/life balance? 

The main benefit is the affect it can have on your mental health. It’s about being able to give it your all at work but then when it’s time for life, being able to switch off, enjoy yourself, laugh and get exercise. The biggest investment you’ll ever make is in yourself, and that has to include giving yourself the time to relax and renew so that you are more ready than ever for the challenges of the next day.