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Case Study: KIA Soul EV

Our amazing learning experience for the All New Kia Soul EV achieved world-wide recognition and was awarded Silver in the 2020 Brandon Hall Awards for ‘Excellence in learning’. Find out what went into creating this award winning piece of content in our case study below!

The Problem

To help with the launch of Kia’s Soul as an all-electric version for 2020, we were asked to create an engaging piece of learning for this vehicle that has always had a ‘quirky’ side to it. 

Recognising that the car was one of Kia’s most feature packed and advanced vehicles, we decided to bring together this quirky design and advanced technology in a celebration of talents and make the Soul EV the star in our very own ‘Greatest Show’. 

The Solution

This theme for the content allowed Kia to place the vehicle as the main point of focus and build a show type environment around the car utilising acts within the show to create memorable links to specific features of the vehicle. The use of bespoke illustration, artwork and animation throughout allowed us to push the boundaries and ensure that the experience was as unique as the car itself.

The Process

Identifying specific acts that would allow us to introduce key features was the fun part. Our Ring Master would introduce the vehicle as it rose through the stage, wowing the audience with its stunning design and modern styling. 

Other acts were carefully chosen to align with key features and create memorable anchors that would allow the learner to recall key elements, such as our Magician who introduced ‘magical’ features, like the floating Heads Up Display and Regenerative Braking, or our Fire Breather who demonstrated the heating and cooling features of the car.  

Next, our half-time show, just like the Superbowl, was an opportunity to explore a musical feast and allow learners to explore the class leading audio system in the vehicle. 

Once the learners were refreshed, it was time to continue the show, with our Strongman showcasing the unique structural and safety features on the vehicle before finishing with our Cannonball Man, who as the last act, would help us to demonstrate the ability to travel long distances with ease, first by helping charge the car, then being fired 280 miles from his cannon to be caught by the car! 

The Finale

No show is complete without an encore, and neither was ours! The entire cast of characters returned to the stage at the very end to test the learners knowledge and give them a memorable send off! 

Learning With Meaning

Along with variation in the media used, we were careful to ensure that interactivity was mixed, simple, but also relevant to the section being covered. Allowing the learner to interact with the performer and be the ‘assistant’ immersed them in the experience.

So for example, interacting with the saw to help the Magician cut the car in half, dragging the ‘floating’ display elements onto the HUD, spinning the wheel to help the Fire Breather explore the heating features, picking a safe route for the Strongman to get to the show and lighting the fuse to fire the Cannonball Man out of his cannon.

These were all simple interactions that allowed the learner to take on the information at their own pace, but in a fun and unique way. Our mantra is that every interaction must have meaning, this delivered on that! 

Overall, the theme of the course perfectly matched the theme of the car…quirky but talented! A truly unique experience for the most unique car in Kia’s extensive product range! 

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