Better outcomes start with better learning experiences. We create exciting, rich, challenging and meaningful training that captures the hearts and minds of learners, building their confidence and inspiring them to greatness.

Whether you require bespoke eLearning or off the shelf courses that integrate with your existing LMS or LXP, we have the solutions you need. What’s more, we’re passionate about serving the end user, focusing on reviews and knowledge retention as our success metrics to create relevant, attention grabbing learning experiences that stick.

For us, your learners are the ones whose opinions, performance and engagement really makes the difference, so we are led by them and what they respond to. Our unique blend of creative and technological backgrounds mean we’re always pushing the boundaries of the ‘art of possible’ to develop new, exciting and innovative methods of delivery. After all, boundaries are there to be pushed. Right?

  • 1.

    Maximise learner engagement

    We use interactivity, video, film, animation, gamification, design and storytelling to create industry-leading digital experiences.

  • 2.

    More than a tick box exercise

    Whether bespoke or off the shelf, our carefully crafted courses are designed with different learning styles in mind to engage participants and help them reach their learning goals.

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    Designed by eLearning experts

    We love working with companies who truly understand the impact effective learning can have within their organisation.

Working with companies outside of your organisation brings it’s own set of challenges; trust, ways of working & communications are at the top of the list. With DBLX, these have come effortlessly allowing for creativity and true disruption to take the forefront for the benefit of our end users.


Euan Hay

Digital & Innovation Specialist

About Learning Experiences

The beauty of learning is that it can happen anywhere. From traditional academic settings and the workplace to inside our own homes. As humans, we have a thirst for knowledge, whether that’s making new and exotic dishes in our kitchens or mastering the skills we need to excel in our careers.

At DBLX, we understand that all learning experiences should be fun, engaging, creative, innovative and, above all else, meaningful. Too often, individuals are asked to undertake training that doesn’t feel relevant to them, which results in a disconnect between the information being communicated and knowledge retention. Our innovative approach aims to buck this trend through the creation of beautiful, attention-keeping experiences that can be delivered digitally or face-to-face.

We offer both high-quality off the shelf and custom training to help meet the needs of your organisation. From highly relevant, bespoke solutions to fast-to-deploy training on a range of subjects such as GDPR and Fire Safety, our core group of professionals are supported by a creative team to deliver unforgettable, inspiring learning experiences that generate long-lasting knowledge retention.

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  • Experts
  • Partnerships
  • Engage your learners effectively with help from our experts. We can assist with all aspects of creating unique learning experiences from strategy and ideation to instructional design, scripting and full build mode.

  • We’re experts in end-to-end learning design, working with academy, learning, or SME teams to develop content from inception to delivery, providing the right technologies and methodologies for your sector and learners.

    We’re au fait with all delivery methods… AICC, SCORM, XAPi, LMS platforms, websites, native mobile apps. You name it, we’ve delivered it. All our learning experiences have their own dedicated project manager, carefully scheduling each phase of the project to meet your delivery requirements, and, of course, keeping you in the loop.

  • Great partnerships are key to our approach. We love working with like-minded individuals and teams who truly understand the impact and positive change good learning can have within their organisation.

    We return the trust given to us by our partners through innovative solutions designed to take their audience on a journey of discovery. Creating these great partnerships allows us to really get a ‘feel’ for the organisation we’re working with, which sharpens the edge of our digital experiences, making them even more pertinent to learners and allowing us to work in tandem with key stakeholders – delivering aligned, relevant content, every time!