Learning Experience Platform Overview.

Showcase your carefully crafted learning experiences in the best way possible with a bespoke learning experience platform. Our LXP solutions focus on simplicity and user experience. Forget the bells and whistles that will gather dust. Instead, empower your users to discover engaging learning content that’s relevant to them and track their journey with your own suite of tailor-made reporting tools.

  • 1.

    User Engagement

    Engage learners of all styles with a variety of content ranging from full eLearning courses to PDF documents, audio and video.

  • 2.

    Data Tracking

    Track the journey of your learners and measure impact with powerful reporting tools.

  • 3.

    Bespoke Integration

    Tailor your LX platform to your needs. Our extendable feature set easily integrates with other software for a seamless set up.

Working with the unique team at DBLX is inspiring! Thanks to their diversity & expertise I’m looking at L&D technology from a fantastic new perspective.


Susan McCrae

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Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

Our Learning Experience Platforms help to create a culture of learning in your organisation. By focusing on simplicity, we develop bespoke systems that offer only the features you need to deliver and track personalised learning experiences your users will love to engage with.

We understand that continued professional development and eLearning isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavour. Different learning styles, goals, aspirations and job roles require different types of learning content, whether that’s in educational settings or in the workplace.

Our bespoke learning management systems and learning experience platforms make this easy. In a matter of minutes, administrators can upload and assign both SCORM compliant and non-SCORM compliant content, and assign them to different audiences.

Once in place, the learning experience platform provides a clear learning path within a simple and intuitive user interface. Learners can only see and engage with content that has been assigned to them, and can easily find what they need when they need it. Behind the scenes, admins can also run regular reports to track learning, push new content, and measure performance or engagement.

  • For Users
  • For Admins
  • Users only see learning content that’s relevant to them.

    A clean and simple user interface presents content in a way that’s familiar and engaging.

    No need to wait for approval of a learning roster, click and play content is available at the touch of a button.

  • Easy to use and powerful management interface makes keeping on top of eLearning a breeze.

    Upload and promote any content in minutes, and make it available to users instantly.

    Streamline the learning journey with audience management features.

    Get up-to-the-minute insights with 24/7 reporting capability.