LX Platform Overview.

The key to a good LMS is simplicity, and at DBLX we focus on that. We allow administrators to effectively manage learning content, we allow users to easily find only the content that’s relevant to them, and we provide good concise reports to monitor progress and measure impact.

  • 1.

    User Engagement

    Engage your users with multiple learning styles for full e-learn content to simple PDF's, audio and video.

  • 2.

    Data Tracking

    Track completion and measure impact using powerful reporting tools.

  • 3.

    Bespoke Integration

    Easily extendable feature set allows you to tailor the solution to your needs. Our LMS easily integrates with our other software solutions.

Working with the unique team at DBLX is inspiring! Thanks to their diversity & expertise I’m looking at L&D technology from a fantastic new perspective.


Susan McCrae

City Holdings

LX Platform


The “Learning Management System” used to be the primary system that a L&D team would rely upon. At DBLX we’ve created many flavours of this, with all focusing on simplicity, we try to create a system where you utilise all fo the features.


Essentially our Learning Management Systems (LMS) allow the administrators to upload SCORM compliant content, so that a user’s learning can be tracked. Our LMS will also allows non SCORM content and a wide variety of different file types to be uploaded and tracked, producing completion/viewing reports.


At DBLX we ensure that all content can be managed by the administrators, and that each item can be assigned an audience, as well as assigning audiences to sections. This allows the user to only see content relevant to them and prevents them from being overloaded, or unable to find the content that matters.

  • For Users
  • For Admins
  • Clearly identifies the learning content that needs to be complete using the powerful audience management features.

    Provides a clear learning history and a simple UX and UI. Simple click and play content viewing, no waiting for approval of a learning roster.

  • Easy to use and powerful management interface.

    Upload and promote content in minutes, and make available to your users instantly. Easy to view reports that are available 24/7.