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National Clean Up Your Virtual Desktop Day

Every one of us from time to time let our virtual files get out of hand, our documents folders getting unruly and so forth. Yet our desktop home screens can be just as bad, with shortcuts not just to programs, but individual files and a host of other stuff too. Well on this National Clean Up Your Virtual Desktop Day, let us tell you about why you should clear your desktop up, and why not doing so could even put you at risk.

What is National Clean Up Your Virtual Desktop Day?

It’s the day for you to do just as it says – clean up your virtual desktop! Is your home screen a cluttered nightmare of shortcuts, folders and random files? Can you no longer see your background image for icons? If you can’t, this day is for you!

It’s not just with your home screen either. If in your documents folder your files are all over the place, today’s the day for you to finally get them organised. Put them into the correct folders so you can go from a labyrinth of digital shabbiness to the clean, straight road to whatever you need, whenever you need it.

When Did It Start?

Way back in 2010 by the good people at the Personal Computer Museum in Ontario, Canada. They wanted a day that would encourage computer users to restore their desktops to the virtual cleanliness of when they first got them fresh out of the box.

Since then it has grown from being a primarily North American day to a more international affair. So wherever you are in the world, you can observe National Clean Up Your Virtual Desktop Day and get in on the cleaning.

Why Should We Observe It?

Like anything in life, the better organised something is the easier it is to find and use in the future. Having a cleaner virtual desktop means less time spent searching for files, which in turn improves productivity meaning any computer-based job can be made more efficient.

It’s not just efficiency, either – improving your security could also be helped by participating in National Clean Up Your Virtual Desktop Day. It seems unfathomable in 2020, but a staggering 10% of computer users surveyed for Digital Guardian in America still keep their passwords in a file on their computers. Not only could that be a GDPR risk, but it would also give hackers the easiest way in to all of their personal accounts without even having to really try. When there’s so many other solutions available to those that struggle with remembering passwords, there’s no excuse for saving them all in a master file.

So get rid of your old (and potentially risky!) files today and observe National Clean Up Your Virtual Desktop Day the best way you can do, by spending the day organising your desktop to the cleanest it can be.

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