Project Aims.

Being the largest provider of fixed-line, broadband and mobile services in the UK, BT prioritise continued professional development for all colleagues.


One way in which BT promote this value is through managers regularly performing observations on their colleagues.
BT primarily used a manual paper-based system which was proving itself to be ineffective and limiting the team when reporting.

BT required a solution which accurately captured the conversations during observations held by managers on members of their teams. Due to the use of an outdated system, this often meant that when recording the results of the observation, information was not always tracked against the necessary metrics.


The system we developed for BT needed to be easy enough to navigate so that users could complete the observations with ease, but still allow for the complex functionality needed to meet the business requirements. To ensure that all areas of business were able to use this tool, different user types needed to be built into the system so that each journey was bespoke and relevant to the user.

Our Approach.

DBLX built a responsive platform in which managers could use to record the outcomes following the observations with other users in the system.


Admins of the site can create specific question groups for managers to select to ensure the correct information is recorded and documented. Once an observation had been completed, managers had the functionality to send a copy of the report to both the user and themselves for increased visibility.

Admins of the site can pull reports on manager and user and obtain copies of observations which had been submitted for a clear audit trail.

The system was built in line with BT’s original brand guidelines but was redesigned following the company re-brand to ensure that there was a consistent theme throughout all BT systems.

The Result.

BT now has a tool which has streamlined recording the results of an observation, meaning that the process is a lot more time-efficient.


Managers can easily perform observations using a standardised set of questions ensuring they are reporting on the correct criteria. Teams have a clear and comprehensive view of their performance and are able to identify areas to work on ahead of their next observation.

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DBLX listened to our requirements for an online coaching tool, from concept to delivery have put solutions in place to support our sales teams.


They are quick to react to requests from rebranding to system changes giving options to make the tool a success within the teams. The team are a pleasure to do business with.


Rachel Hull, Resource & Reporting Manager at BT.