Platform Overview.

Video streaming platforms have rapidly become the norm in our day to day lives. From Netflix and Amazon Prime to YouTube, video is the go-to resource for entertainment, learning new skills or refreshing your knowledge. Our bespoke platform securely puts that power in your hands, helping you to manage, promote and share informative video content including internal communications, eLearning courses, new product releases, and demos.

  • 1.

    Quick + Responsive

    Stream high-quality videos on any device using the latest responsive techniques and video compression.

  • 2.

    Content Control

    Easy management tools let administrators upload, modify and promote key messages to different audiences and users.

  • 3.

    Box Sets

    Group content into box-sets and let users explore a sequence of related subject material for deeper understanding.

A well balanced, engaging team, delivering excellence every time. Their hardest critic is themselves, if it’s not 100% then they are not happy and will keep going until it is. I have worked with DBLX for over 7 years, their ability to stay on trend and deliver excellent solutions never falters.


Adam Hodgkinson

HRA Pharma

Video Streaming Platform

Our responsive video platform gives you the power to engage with your users whether they are working remotely, travelling or in the office.

Within it, administrators can either upload their own content, or embed videos from sites such as TED, YouTube or Vimeo without directing users away from their own branded pages. Content can also be grouped into Netflix-style box sets or tagged with relevant keywords, so users can explore a sequence of related subject material to further consolidate their understanding. Behind the scenes, admins can track watch history to measure engagement and effectiveness.

The bespoke platform also offers a range of consumer-grade features users are familiar with. This includes a powerful search function and the ability to add videos to a watchlist for later, ‘like’ videos or discuss them with their peers in the comments.

  • For Users
  • For Admins
  • Access all videos from any device thanks to our effective compression.

    Browse and watch videos without leaving the platform.

    Leave feedback and discuss videos with your colleagues in the comments.

    Add videos to a watchlist and save for later.

    Quickly find what you’re looking for with powerful search.

    Deepen your understanding of a topic with curated box sets.

  • Upload, modify and share key messages with ease.

    Use your own content or embed videos from other sites.

    Group content into seasons and boxsets to create meaningful learning experiences.

    Get up-to-date insights into what’s working with video stats, including hits, comments and views.