• Solutions

Project Aims.

Learning experiences… the Kia way.


Our aim was simple, to create learning content and experiences in support of the latest vehicle releases. We’ve all been there; we’ve sat through a training course wondering why am I doing this.

And when the answer is “Because we’ve been told that everybody has to do it”, then you know you’ve been suckered into Tick Box Training. There are obviously some training courses that simply have to be delivered; and cost effectiveness is important. But the key to avoiding a learner feeling ‘forced’, and avoiding that Tick Box feeling, is to deliver mandatory training in a relevant and engaging way. If it’s mandatory – it’s stuff they need to know. The focus should be on getting them to know it, not just getting them through it.

Our Approach.

We blended storytelling, interactivity, video, animation, and 3D print to give our learners an involved and immersive experience.


All of Kia Motors (UK)’s eLearning is custom built and bespoke. Ranging from Call Centre 13 guidelines to Product Training, we carefully crafted every course to suit its audience, loaded with interactivity and high-quality assets, prompting learners to think and engage with the content. In this way, we avoid the Tick Box Training trap, and instead deliver learning their staff will remember – no matter how dry the subject matter!


We operate by employing product experts and attending face to face training sessions to become true experts.


Don’t do ‘eLearning’ – we create digital learning experiences. A team comprising not only learning experts, but also film makers, script writers, artists… we combine a passion for media and a passion for learning to create the ‘Netflix’ effect… with digital training experiences!

The Result.

Expertly Crafted Learning across Multimedia Environments.


There’s a knack to landing a good learning experience. It’s gotta be the perfect blend of entertainment, education, challenge and reassurance. That challenge multiplies quite dramatically when you start adding in multi-media environments, cutting edge tech, and the blurring of boundaries between animation and reality.


Luckily, the team at DBLX loves a bit of pressure! We printed 3D miniature’s, created virtual worlds,  beautifully animated content and dynamic immersive video… all with the vision and focus to keep Kia’s core brand ethics at the forefront.

  • Increased sales

    in a shrinking market

  • Growth

    Market share increased

  • Dealerships

    Supplied with Learning Experiences


There’s always somethin’ goin’ on… at DBLX!


This creative team of experts never fail to exceed expectations; approaches like the one they took for the All-New Kia Ceed experience have led them to becoming our sole digital training providers in the UK. A compelling film-noir treatment, fantastic visuals, an engaging, authentic script, and enthralling elements of gamification… they all tie together to create an immersive experience, equal parts education and entertainment, for maximum knowledge retention and irresistible learning”.


Karen Fagan – Product Training – Kia Motors UK