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Project Aims.

Subsea wanted a consistent and high-quality central environment to control their learning offering from and to eliminate costly third-party e-learning development at a later date.

They had to consider a recent rebrand, a newly established learning team and their need for translation and remote access due to their line of work. The authoring tool was developed to give them all the tools they needed to create and maintain their own e-learning and content.

Our Approach.

By creating the authoring tool, we wanted to empower Subsea 7’s team to create great content on their own terms.


The tool was tailored to their brand making it easy for them to make their learning look great with minimal to no design knowledge.


As a team we did a feasibility study to ensure the SCORM export functionally would meet all the needs and requirements of Subsea to be able to use in their other learning platforms.


Quiz and form components were also an important inclusion to allow the Subsea team to test user’s knowledge on the learning. This also needed to be a customisable feature to give them full control.

The Result.

We now have a fully branded authoring tool which incorporates quizzes, forms, translations and SCORM packaging.


This puts control in the hands of the learning team, allowing them to export and upload courses into any SCORM supported LMS’s. As a result of the complexity of Subsea’s needs it has enabled us to expand our development into different components that may have not been previously explored. This is only one of the ongoing pieces of work we have with Subsea and we continue to enjoy working with them on expanding their learning offering.

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DBLX have been a great partner to us in thinking about our digital content evolution.

Their flexible, innovative and friendly approach has really supported our team and the business.


Sarah Bailey 

HR Development Manager, Corporate Development