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Superbowl Sunday – An Unmissable Experience

It’s that time of year again, folks – Superbowl Sunday! The Kansas City Chiefs will square off against a Tom Brady-infused Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the greatest prize in the NFL. Nearly 100 million viewers in America tuned in to watch the Superbowl last year, with millions more watching worldwide. And with more viewers expected this year due to us watching more TV than ever due to the coronavirus, the chance for a record most-watched game is entirely possible. 

Money, Money, Money

It’s not just viewers that the Superbowl attracts, it’s brands and advertisers too, and boy do they bring their wallets. The average cost of a 30-second advert slot during the main broadcast was just shy of $5.6 million. That’s how much companies splurged in 2020, making the Superbowl one of the biggest events of the year. Would you spend $5.6 million for a 30-second ad to engage with employees? There’s a good reason they all do. 

So why is the Superbowl so popular? The love of the game? The commerciality? The answer lies in not just the game itself, but because of the EXPERIENCE of it.


As popular as American football is, it’s not to everyone’s taste, yet it still draws in huge numbers in America and abroad. The spectacle of the day, the event, the chance to be part of the conversation, however, is unmissable. The Superbowl viewership peaks at the half time show, more than any other part of the game. This 12-minute spectacle is what keeps most neutrals interested, and is usually the most engaging aspect of the whole Superbowl experience. 

Never underestimate the value of a good time.

What Do You Mean?

You may be asking what this has all got to do with elearning and learning experiences in general, but it’s about that word we’ve mentioned a few times – experience. Elearning is typically considered a dull, unengaging tick-box exercise, but it doesn’t have to be. The Superbowl proves, that with enough razzamatazz, presentation and compelling narrative, anybody can become engaged and enjoy their experience with it. 

Every Superbowl has a narrative that underpins the game. From a team’s first appearance, a player’s final moments in NFL, to rivalry, there’s always something to hook the viewer in. Elearning can benefit from this approach through injecting a narrative into the topic at hand, to keep the user engaged and invested in the piece. Ask yourself, would you pay attention to something that didn’t have a decent story? 


Narrative isn’t the only thing you need though. You need to make it look good. Looks aren’t everything in elearning, but they don’t hurt your chances of a learning experience going from meh, to being thoroughly enjoyed. The Superbowl is one of the glitziest broadcasts around. It’s loud, it’s bright, it’s sexy. It’s enticing to even the most fair-weather fan. It’s appealing to people who don’t even like American football. Your learning experience should be the same. Even the dullest of topics can be become eye-catching and engaging with a bit of quality presentation.

In elearning, looks really do matter, and at DBLX we can create any learning experience for you that will not only be a looker, but will keep your users engaged throughout. Touchdown with us anytime!