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Why Do We Learn?

Why do we learn? Learning is something we do all the time as humans, but we never question why we want to learn. There are several reasons why we decide, need and want to learn every day, but what are they?


Probably the most common reason why we decide to learn anything is because we have a motive. We need a new skill or we need a qualification for a particular job or career, so more often than not there’s a motive for our learning in life.

While this is a particularly important reason for learning, it doesn’t necessarily make learning all that fun. Like anything in life, humans when forced to do something rarely ever enjoy it and naturally will push back when it is thrust upon us.


Similarly to motive, necessity sometimes plays a part in learning because the piece of learning we undertake is company policy or even law. Manual handling or fire safety courses usually fall under this bracket. Essentially anything compliance-based is where necessity learning comes in to play.

While being forced to undertake necessity-style learning, this won’t be pushed back against as hard as other forced learning. People generally tend to invest in compliance-based learning, because they know it can ultimately make their job safer or even safe their life.


Probably the most fun of all the learning types. Upskilling-style learning is generally well-received, because the learner themselves is making the choice to learn, usually in a subject they’re interested in.

Obviously learning a new skill is a huge positive as it enriches the learner in their career, but also their personal life as a lot of skills become transferrable. Learning Photoshop for example, is a brilliant skill to have on a CV for a myriad of digital roles in today’s market, but is also exceptionally great to have for personal use. Satisfaction can be gained from work life into home life and vice versa easily.


Learning for inspiration is one of the tenets of learning as a whole. We forever need inspiration when faced with tasks and learning a new skill can help us solve problems we have. We cannot innovate unless we learn.

We’ve only briefly touched upon a few reasons why we learn, this is of course by no means an exhaustive list. But for whatever reason you’re learning in your business, give us a call here at DBLX. We can make learning whether it’s bespoke content about your company, through to compliance material, or anything in between.

So come on, let’s make something special together.