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Off the Shelf Courses vs Bespoke Content

There are several ways for learners to access elearning in today’s landscape, but with so many different varieties available, which is best? Well in this blog we’re going to focus on two of these models, off the shelf and bespoke, and see why they’re both good in their own right.

It’s all about the money, money…

The first thing you have to be aware of whenever you want to buy a great learning experience is how much have you got? This is where off-the-shelf usually comes into its own they are far cheaper than bespoke simply because they are so much easier to make and they generally are a one size fits all.

This is where your more common or garden stuff will appear. GDPR, Health and Safety, Fire Safety. Anything that’s usually compliance-based because quite simply, it’s usually the law and we’ve all got to follow the law. That’s not to say you can’t do bespoke on a budget, but you’ll certainly be limited by what you can do.

Hold up…

Bespoke elearning content is where the magic happens though. Say you’ve got a process that’s unique to your industry, or even just your business, you’re not going to find that in an off-the-shelf course. Sure, you can add your company’s branding into it but it’s actual looks and feel will never be truly yours.

That’s why if you can pay for a little more, you can go a whole lot further. You’ll get a lot more resources thrown at your bespoke course, because that’s what it takes to make good bespoke elearning – resource.

Teamwork makes the dream work…

Put simply, with more resources comes more talent. Too many cooks spoil the broth, but without the other members of the kitchen to pitch in, nobody’s eating tonight. And it’s no different when building good quality elearning. You need teams to pitch ideas, plus separate teams to write, design and build. Well, if you want it in a reasonable amount of time anyway.

One-man bands are great, but you’ll be waiting. If you want a course that doesn’t just have your name on it, but feels like it’s a very part of your company’s DNA, then you need a company that has the firepower to deliver that vision.

Under pressure…

So who are you going to pick? The company that can give you off-the-shelf or bespoke? Or there’s a third option where you can have either from the same company.

The easiest way to think is this – what do you want to achieve and what impact do you want to have? What have you got to spend? Is your course compliance or compulsory everywhere? Or do you want something that’s special and unique that only you have got?

We could have had it all…

And you can have it all. Here at DBLX we offer solutions to cater for any business or budget. Contact us and let’s see what we can do.