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10 Reasons Why Training Pays for Itself

Training is an essential part of any work force, not just because it makes employees ready for their job roles, but also because it gives them the chance for upskilling and access to a range of L&D resources in the process.

So, with that mind, here are the ten reasons why training pays for itself.

1. Upskilling

OK it’s a bit of a cheat entry this one as we’ve already mentioned it in the intro, but you cannot deny its relevance. Upskilling your workforce is the easiest win any company can take. Who doesn’t want employees with more skills?

2. Compliance Training

Less fun than other types of training but nonetheless still an integral part of any business. By having your staff compliance trained, you’re keeping them and yourself legally on the right side of the law. This will help you avoid paying a far heavier price down the line in the form of fines if a legal process is broken (looking at you GDPR).

3. Understanding Your Business

What better way to show your workforce the ropes by teaching them through training? This is especially good when combined with eLearning content creation. A well-designed eLearning package can keep workforce engagement high and knowledge retention even higher.

4. Empowering Your Workers

How many staff members have you lost citing that there were scant development opportunities available? Giving your staff development training they want, in conjunction with what they need, is a huge bonus. Showing you have belief in your staff gives a great ROI, and performance management goals are easier met with an on-side team.

5. Learn From Your Staff

Using learning and development analytics from your training can teach you many a thing about your staff, such as, are they all struggling with one aspect of your company? Now you can find out. Also, by giving the opportunity from staff to give you feedback through your training, you can make improvements to your business and jump onto the next level.

6. Higher Retention Rates

Giving staff training isn’t just good for them, it can be good for your business too, as it means they’ll stick around longer. According to a 2018 LinkedIn Workforce Report, a gigantic 94% of staff said they’d stay at a company longer if it invested in them. When the cost of replacing staff is so high and such a laborious process, L&D pays for itself.

7. Increasing User Adoption

Got a new system that nobody knows how to use yet? Give your staff fun, easy-to-use training to get them to adopt your new system/process or whatever your new “thing” is. If you want it implementing, your staff need to know how to use it.

8. Save Time

By having training that is fun, engaging and sits in a solid LMS, staff will only have to do mandatory training once and thus can employ those skills in to your business quicker. We all know that time is money but good quality corporate training can really save time in the long run with staff.

9. Distance Learning

With working from home becoming such a necessity in most modern businesses, you can have your staff learn what they want and need from their own home instantaneously. And by allowing them to have that learning experience from their own home, trust is built and everyone knows how much staff member’s trust is worth.

10. Sell Your Business

A collaborative workforce is a successful workforce. Training staff naturally breeds collaboration through the shared learning experience and gives them the opportunity to really see how impressive your business is, whether it’s on day 1 or 1000.

As we’ve established throughout this list, good quality training is a must for any business. And whether it’s off-the-shelf or bespoke e-learning content, you cannot afford to let your staff down by not training them. That’s why here at DBLX we make bespoke eLearning content to suit all learning styles. Embracing all the L&D resources available to us and most importantly, you.