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Project Aims.

As internationally recognised leaders in identifying and remedying organisational security vulnerabilities, the founders of 1st Watch Global came to us with a revolutionary start-up proposition built on reputation forged in the ranks of the FBI.


Whilst they had an abundance of experience in their field, what they required from us was the ability to create both an online and offline brand proposition that could truly showcase their services and the great work they do.

With a fresh investment of capital, they needed a fresh approach to the outward-facing arm of the business. They required us to totally revamp their image, and as such we needed to start from the ground up. We began by working together to build them a set of ‘Mission, Vision and Values’,  and used that to inform the work to follow.


Once we had a those core values, we were able to create a suite of print collateral, backed up by a brochure website that could act as an online resource for their clients. The ultimate goal was to build on their reputation, and make 1st Watch Global an international name with an elite identity to match the calibre of their offering.

Our Approach.

1st Watch Global brought with them a great knowledge of their sector and their clients.


They had an existing brand and a simple website – which was good as a resource for us, but that wasn’t really showcasing them properly. They obviously had a need to refresh their physical assets, but beyond this, they also required a clearer picture of who their client base was and what messages they would most likely respond to. We conducted thorough research by investigating their current website analytics to gain a quantitive understanding of what information users were interested in and where they were being lost. We followed this up by conducting interviews, client exercises and workshops to gain a better understanding of what the marketing persona types might be, and then ideated on the opportunities to best engage people.


Based on these insights we were able to work with the client collaboratively to break their business down into some core areas: what their mission was and how they stood to achieve it; what their vision of the future might be; and what values they were going to align themselves to moving forward. Once we had a robust picture of them as a business, as well as  their tone of voice, we were able to refresh their existing logo and brand pack. This extended to a full suite of brand identity documents and printed conference material.


Using our previously mentioned insights, we were able to build on these for the user experience of the website. We did this by creating in-depth user personas, proposing user journey maps and drafting a content architecture plan to best speak to their users. The next step in the process was creating wireframes and prototypes to test and iterate our ideas against. With a thoroughly thought-out structure and robust user experience methodology, we could then focus on the visual and user interaction for the website.

The Result.

Late last year saw the launch of 1st Watch Global’s new brand, website and print materials.


Now they have an all-encompassing brand identity and website that matches the high level of service they provide, and they are seeing real interest from potential clients. Our future work with them will be designed to make them, as a service, more accessible to people unable to engage their full service offering, as well as support their existing users. Their aim is to utilise our expertise in the digital learning space and create a bank of online learning experiences. This learning content will be specifically designed to guide people through violent attacks or incidents, keeping them and their colleagues safe and secure. That resource will be housed on a custom-made online portal, accessible through their current website. This will allow existing users to access relevant content as and when it’s convenient for them, adding to the total learning experience.

  • Completed Projects

    For Brand, Website and Print Collateral

  • eLearning

    We help 1st Watch to shine in this sector

  • Mass Attacks

    Creating learning content to prevent these crimes


DBLX have been a great partner to us in thinking about our digital content evolution.


Their flexible, innovative and friendly approach has really supported our team and the business.


1st Watch