Project Aims.

Having already built the iDevelop system for HRA so their employees could access learning content and their admins could create talent profiles. 


HRA wanted DBLX to incorporate an objective and appraisal element to their system.

They needed employees to be able to create personal objectives, set target dates, upload files or iDevelop content as evidence, track progress, rate themselves and weight their objectives. Managers needed their own dashboard, where they could see all of the members of their team, view a team member’s objectives dash, rate them, approve new objectives or approve completed ones. Managers and their team members needed to be able to send comments to each other for each objective, and admins needed to be able to create performance windows and report on activity.

Our Approach.

After pulling together some initial design concepts and writing User Stories


HRA came to the office to review the stories and work through some more questions we had. We then created more detailed designs and got stuck into development. As we neared the end of the build, additional change requests were added on.

Once the objective part of the system had been developed


HRA then asked us to add on a face to face record component to allow users to track the performance and end of year conversations they had with their managers around their objectives. The end of year record was particularly important in, as it allowed managers and admins to assign bonuses to employees based on their performance.

The Result.

This new appraisal and objective system is named iPerform.


and it sits as part of the iDevelop platform. iPerform is now used by every employee in HRA Pharma to set, manage and track their objectives in one place. With weekly summary emails going out to both the employee and their manager, it’s simple and easy to ensure everyone is focusing on employee’s development.

By keeping digital records of performance and end of year conversations within iPerform, employees are also reassured that these important events can be referred back to whenever needed.

  • Active Users

    Using the solution

  • Assets

    Designed + Completed in 2019

  • Objectives

    Created + Assessed in 2019


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Adam Hodgkinson

Head of Talent Management & Communication