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Improving employee satisfaction and retention through e-learning

We know more than most that keeping your employees happy and satisfied with their job is the most important thing any employer can do. It’s especially important with remote working ever-becoming the new norm for all workers where possible. This is where elearning can really come into its own by improving employee satisfaction in the office or from a distance.

The biggest problem workers have when related to job satisfaction is stress, whether it be stress from their workload, stress from distance learning or just stress from being isolated and not feeling part of a collaborative workforce.

One solution to combat this is offering elearning that helps promote mindfulness or other outlets for de-stressing. This can really improve employee satisfaction, as well as improved mental health.

It’s not enough however, to just have elearning available to employees. It needs to be flexible too. Not setting strict deadlines to complete it, and furthermore making it accessible on any device. By truly embracing all the L&D resources available to you, this will improve employee satisfaction to no end.

It is however, important to consider a solid structure for employee elearning. This is so that employees feel that learning is part of the natural flow of work that they receive, rather than an unnecessary burden that they feel they have to complete in addition to their “proper” workload.

This new school of thought seems almost like a necessity when you consider that the main reason why employees feel learning and training is a burden, is because they don’t understand why they are doing it, whether it be elearning soft skills or even compliance training. Taking the time to explain to employees that you’re willing to invest in their development by giving them training which can improve their skills, soft or otherwise, empowers them to take their career at work into their own hands, at their own pace as they see fit. Empowered employees are satisfied employees.

So whatever elearning you’re thinking about creating, call us here at DBLX for the best possible solution to your learning experience needs.